NEW! Skin Tite Glue
Simulaids now offers this highly desirable adhesive for your moulage use. Our well-received additions to our moulage line last year: Xtreme Moulage Kit (item 620) and Nursing Skills Moulage Kit (item 650) contain items that are made out of silicone. This substance has been resistant to most of the adhesives we have tried. With the addition of this Skin Tite Glue, the silicone product will stick on either manikin or human skin until it is stripped off. No more failing glue because of sweat, body hair, or incidental contact with clothing or props. This glue represents a Hollywood staple in the special effects departments and will take your clients’ moulage to another level of training evolution durability. Skin Tite Glue is now standard issue within these kits and other silicone based product kits coming soon.
Skin Tite Glue is a brand new product for us and you will not find it in our 2012 catalog. Please make a note of it in your Simulaids’ 2012 Catalog on page 42 so that you’ll have the information at your finger tips. You may order Skin Tite Glue as a separate item used to restock kits or to add to kits that you now own.

Complete instructions and MSDS sheets are included with the package and the pot time is 3 minutes, which is the time between mixing the A and B parts in equal parts until the glue sets up. The smaller bottle is used to thicken the mixture for other applications as noted in the instructions. When the moulage is no longer needed on the victim, it peels off with the assistance of either baby oil or make-up remover.

Another moulage kit with the silicone based wounds is on the way, so check back on the web site for information on this new product, too!

Skin Tite Glue
PP0503 - $19.30

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