Featuring Our Most Complete and Popular Skeletons for Your Teaching and Demonstration Purposes

  • All the Realism of an Actual Skeleton • 3-Part Dissectible Skull with 32 Teeth

  • Life Size — Cast from an Actual Male Skeleton

All of the realism of an actual skeleton has been captured by the process used to mold these durable and functional teaching aids. An ideal skeleton was selected and used in preparing the production mold for the skeleton materials and the bones, carefully cast to preserve even the finest details. The characteristics of natural bone have been so faithfully duplicated that it would take chemical analysis to distinguish these materials from natural bone. Each bone is cast individually in natural color with all details of anatomy represented. Wherever possible, there is natural movement in the joints. These reproductions are made of special plastic which does not deteriorate with age and which is unbreakable. It can be easily washed with soap and water for years of continuous use. Each skeleton is mounted in an upright position on a nonrusting, mobile stand and comes complete with a clear plastic dustcover.

Standard Human Skeleton
This classic model (we call him Stan) has been the standard of excellence and quality in hospitals, universities, schools and laboratories for over 50 years. Choose from four mounting styles to suit your individual preference Don’t settle for imitations which compromise quality in workmanship and materials. Stan’s the man!

  • Cast from an actual specimen

  • European design and craftsmanship

  • Hand assembled and finished

  • Made from durable, unbreakable plastic

  • 200 bones of an adult human, realistic weight

  • Full height (5'6"/170 cm)

  • Height with stand is 667⁄8"

  • 3-part articulated skull

  • Individually spaced and molded teeth

  • Easily removable limbs for in-depth study

  • Fully articulated hands and feet

  • Includes pelvic mounted 4-arm roller stand

  • Full 3 year warranty

  • Dust cover included

Sh. wt. 24.25 lbs.
LY01002 - $350.00

Advanced Skeleton with Muscles
The fully articulated legs and arms on this advanced skeleton are removable, as well as the skull with 32 teeth. The mandible is hinged with springs, and the calvarium is sectioned to permit study of the cranial vault. This functional, durable skeleton features detailed paintings of 206 muscle origins in red and 158 muscle insertions painted in blue. All muscle numbers are easily identified. The muscles are accurately painted at the correct positions under the supervision of anatomists. Includes a comprehensive key or supplied with key card. 5 ft. 5 in. tall.

Sh. wt. 28 lbs.
SB14901 - $725.00

This durable skeleton features joint ligaments, a flexible spine with nerve endings, and full indication of muscle origins (in blue) and insertions (in red) painted on the right side of the body. Skull is dissectible into three pieces, with removable calvaria and lower jaw. Axial skeleton is mounted to allow natural movement of the skull on the 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae. Flexible spine includes all spinal nerves and the vertebral artery. The skull, left arm, and left leg are detachable. The iliocostalis and longissimus muscles are painted differently for clearer understanding. The right side has ligaments of the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee reproduced. The left side of the skeleton is provided with numerical notation of the major bones, bone parts, fissures, and foramen. 5 ft. 5 in. tall.

Sh. wt. 27.63 lbs.
- $925.00

Mr. Thrifty 33" Skeleton
A 33" plastic skeleton on a heavy metal stand at an incredibly low price! This economical teaching skeleton is wired for natural movement and features a removable skull with the calvaria cut. Miniature springs hold the mandible in place to demonstrate TMJ problems. Tiny screws hold arms and legs in position so you can bend the extremities in all directions. All the bones are molded individually except in the hands and feet. All hardware on the skeleton is stainless steel. Although the basic appearance and functional value of this skeleton is excellent, there may be flaws in the construction (such as rough plastic, protruding wire, chipped paint, etc.).

Sh. wt. 8 lbs.
SB22564 - $75.25

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