SAM II Student Auscultation Manikin
Learning cardiac or pulmonary auscultation has never been easier than with the advent of the SAM, the Student Auscultation Manikin and SAM On-Line. Can your students tell the difference between a pleural rub of the lung and a pericardial friction rub? With SAM, they can easily and quickly compare one sound with another. Innocent systolic murmurs often sound like the murmur of aortic stenosis. Can the student tell the difference? What is the best method to determine if the patient has mitral valve prolapse? With SAM, these and other sounds are presented along with a complete teaching guide. SAM, the Student Auscultation Manikin provides a means for instructors to teach cardiac and pulmonary auscultation to students at any level. The students can be taught as a group using the optional SimulScope or Classroom Infrared Emitter. Later the students can practice on SAM using their own stethoscope and also with the optional SAM On-Line.


  • 16 Heart/Lung Combination Sounds

  • 35 Heart Sounds, 21 Breath Sounds, 20 Bowel Sounds, 4 Carotid Bruits.

  • Sounds at Correct Anatomical Site.

  • Heart Sounds at four Anatomical Locations.

  • Breath Sounds at eight Anatomical Locations.

  • Bowel Sounds at two Anatomical Locations.

  • Angle of Louis Identified as landmark

  • Anatomical T-Shirt supplied with rib locations

  • 200+ Page Lesson Guide Supplied

Major Features:

  • Use your own Stethoscope

  • Select sounds via computer menu

  • Full lesson guide for every sound with questions and answers

  • Lessons are printable and can be sent via email

  • Lecture can be preprogrammed, allowing for seamless transitions between sounds

  • Sound and Visual outputs for use with classroom speakers and projectors

  • Phonocardiograms of each heart sound.

  • Carotid Pulse for Detection of Systole.

SAM II Student Auscultation Manikin
718-8800 - $12,500.00

SAM II Student Auscultation Manikin - Dark Skin
718-8900 - $12,500.00

SAM Carrying Case with Wheels and Pull-out handle
236-8000 - $800.00

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