E-Scope Electronic Stethoscope - Clinical Model

E-Scope Stethoscope Hearing Impaired Model

E-Scope EMS Electronic Stethoscope

E-Scope Electronic Stethoscope - Clinical Model
Age and loud sounds and music takes its toll on our hearing ability. Don’t miss the important sounds in your patients’ lives. These electronic stethoscopes from Cardionics offer clarity and amplification so that you know you have it right.

Use these stethoscopes in any General medicine clinical environment for heart, breath, bruit, bowel or Korotkoff sounds. They amplify approximately thirty (30) times louder than normal acoustic stethoscope

Major Features:

  • Sound Quality. The E-Scope delivers unparalleled sound quality for heart, breath, bowel and Korotkoff sounds.

  • Sounds Output. The sounds output allows the user to connect to a PC or PDA for recording, (See STG for PDA and StethView for PC recording).

  • Automatic shut-off. The E-Scope will automatically shut off  after 1.5 to minutes. It can be re-started with the touch of a button. This conserves the battery. Upon restart, the E-Scope returns to its previous volume setting.

  • Frequency control. A frequency switch for heart sounds (45-900 Hz) and breath sounds (50-2000 Hz) allows the listener to concentrate on a particular sound within a specific frequency range.

  • Selection of bells, diaphragms. The E-Scope is the only electronic stethoscope on the market that allows the user to change from a diaphragm to a bell. A selection of diaphragms and bells is supplied with every E-Scope.

E-Scope Electronic Stethoscope - Clinical Model

718-7700 - $335.00

E-Scope Stethoscope - Hearing Impaired Model
Please refer to this link for specific hearing impaired information

718-7710 - $370.00

E-Scope EMS Electronic Stethoscope
This special adaptation stethoscope offers extreme clarity of body sounds and the deadening of exterior vehicle/aircraft noise. Special bell adapters offer unique electronic stethoscope advantages over any other electronic device on the market.

718-7800 - $575.00

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