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STAT Simulator
STAT Simulator provides full body access to ALS skill sets, including 12 pulse points, chest rise, bi-lateral pneumothorax reduction and chest tube insertion, both nasal and oral intubation, ECG pattern recognition (17 rhythms), defibrillation at full joule discharge, pacing and IV therapy. The manikin is 6’1” tall and looks like a two hundred pound adult male. Its actual body weight is seventy pounds so that you have a bulk to move, but won’t stress when moving it.
Accessories include the ECG Interactive Simulator, defibrillation adapter posts, syringes to alter the tongue swelling and laryngospasm features, a squeeze bulb assembly to drive the pneumatic pulse points, a foot pump to inflate the pneumothorax feature and reservoir bags for establishing blood for the IV and fluid for the chest tube return. The manikin comes assembled from the head to the knees. Attaching two pneumatic push-and-twist lines and a knee pin at each knee is all the assembly needed. It arrives packaged in a storage box with handles and inline skate wheels on one end to enhance portability.
Features: Skill Areas: Challenges:
  • Totally new body
  • Accurate human anatomy
  • Joints with realistic range of motion
  • Represents 6'-1" male
  • Pulses
  • CPR
  • IM injection site
  • Advanced IV arm
  • Intubation
  • 4-lead monitoring
  • Chest tubes
  • 12 pulse points
  • Oral and naso-intubation
  • Tongue swells
  • Laryngospasm
  • Cricothyrotomy
  • Bilateral chest tube placement with simulated fluid discharge
  • Bilateral pneumothorax relief
  • Stomach distention
  • IV therapy
  • Defibrillation
  • Arrhythmia training

Adjustable Pulse Points

Advanced IV Arm


Cardiac Care

Accepts All Airways

Accepts All Airways

Bilateral Sites for Chest Tube Insertion and Pneumothorax relief

Break Away Teeth

STAT Simulator
Shipping size: 55" x 28" x 11", Shipping weight 110 lbs
300 - $5202.00

STAT Simulator without ECG generator
Shipping size: 55" x 28" x 11", Shipping weight 110 lbs
305 - $4945.00

STAT Simulator with the Deluxe Advanced Airway Management Head (above) provides a high fidelity intubation experience with flexibility and durability far beyond the standard PVC head on the 300.  

Shipping size: 55" x 28" x 11"
Shipping weight: 110 lbs.
310 - $5625.00

Replacement Parts:

Cricothyrotomy Replacement Skin 
424 - $27.00

Injection Site (4-pk.)
302 - $46.00

Interactive ECG Simulator
102 - $735.00

IV Replacement Skin
390 - $53.00


IV Replacement Vein Kit
367 - $17.00

Pneumothorax Pads (4-pk.)
423 - $43.00

Reservoir Bag STAT
304 - $11.00

Simulated Blood Powder
225 - $16.00

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